Bermuda Bridge Action Group are a community based, non-politically affiliated group that opposes the ‘Bermuda Connectivity Project’. The plans that the County and Borough Councils have presented so far are have left our community with a multitude of unanswered questions some of which we have submitted in this document.

We are not against growth or housing or investment in the local area & there is no doubt that something needs to be done to ease congestion in the west of Nuneaton but this is not the best way. Not only will this project turn a quiet part of Nuneaton into a ‘major rat-run’ but it will also provide access to a proposed ‘mega-estate’ in Arbury, already earmarked with a capacity for 2052 dwellings. The part of Nuneaton that it is proposed that all this should happen in simply cannot support such growth in it’s current state. An attempt to funnell large volumes of traffic down what is a quiet residential street in order alleviate the A444 major transport route cannot be veiwed favourably when there are other schemes already in the pipe line that are much more suited to the local & strategic transport requirements.


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  1. resident

    hi, can you please explain what do you mean by calling bermuda rd ”quiet residential street” or ”a quiet part of Nuneaton”??? I live at bermuda rd and I cannot leave my bedroom window open because of HGV’s passing by my house all day and night every day even at weekends. 95% of the HGV’s are heading to crate washing place and hermes additional space for wagons. This road is not suitable for such a big lorries, they create a big mess at bermuda rd/heathend rd corner every day. They should not be using that route but at the moment there is no other way to get where they going as the bridge is closed so bridge opening will eliminate this noisy problem and some more cars at peak times won’t make this road more noisy as it is now.


    1. Bermuda Bridge Action Group

      Hi – thanks for taking the time to look at our website. You’re right in that the current state of affairs with Hermes/the crate washing plant is not acceptable. Opening the bridge, though, doesn’t solve the problem and won’t reduce traffic on Bermuda Rd – it will significantly increase if the scheme goes ahead, with a much larger junction at the corner of Heath End Rd and reduced pedestrian crossing points. Bermuda Road is not wide enough to provide a carriage way suitable for two lane traffic travelling across from the A444, foot paths for pedestrians AND on street parking for residents on Bermuda Rd. Given the state of the current plans, Bermuda Rd will be double yellow with no facilities for on street parking for residents. Once you add traffic from the 1000+ houses proposed for Arbury – and not modelled in the plans for the bridge – you start to build up a picture of an area that turns into a massive rat run.



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