The Alternatives to The Bridge


However there are alternatives. The same scheme promoters (WCC and CWLEP) have the A444 Corridor Improvements project.

Coventry & Warwickshire Strategic Economic Partnership Business Case: A444 Corridor Improvements A444 Coton Arches to George Eliot Hospital

Implementing this project would solve all the congestion issues on the A444 and allow for economic growth and all envisaged development within Nuneaton in the future.

3.6.5 – “The scheme achieves its primary objective of addressing all queuing and congestion issues on the A444 corridor at this location. Additionally, the scheme provides capacity for NBBC Local Plan growth over the plan period (up to 2028). The scheme also has sufficient capacity to accommodate significant further growth

4.2.1 – “Planned outcomes in terms of reduced congestion and safety improvements will be realised immediately upon completion of the scheme.”

It is clear from the business case that these conclusions have been determined without the bridge being opened to traffic (see image below from the business case which shows the bridge closed to traffic). This proves that opening up the Bermuda Bridge is unnecessary, a waste of public funds and that there is a far better alternative that would reduce rather than increase road accidents.

The £12M A444 Corridor Improvements reconfigure 5 major junctions

  • B4112 Heath End Road / Greenmoor Road Junction
  • B4112 College Street / Bull Ring Junction
  • A444 / B4112 College Street Junction
  • A444 / George Eliot Hospital Junction
  • A444 / A4254 Coton Arches Junction


Coton Arches

The £3M Coton Arches element of the project has now been funded with Growth Fund monies.

Therefore, the remainder of the A444 Corridor Improvement Project could be completed for a similar capital cost to the Bermuda Connectivity Project.

On this basis we hope that road safety groups and those with an interest in protecting communities and vulnerable road users will review the scheme proposals in more detail and object to Warwickshire County Council in regard to opening the bridge to all traffic at the Bermuda Connectivity Project public consultation.

By opposing the Bermuda Connectivity Project you will be:

  • Saving lives.
  • Preventing segregation of a community.
  • Protecting a sustainable transport route to the new train station and Bermuda Park.
  • Preventing commuters and heavy goods vehicle cutting along unsuitable roads through residential communities.

Implementing the A444 Corridor Improvement instead of the Bermuda Connectivity Project will:

  • Keep strategic traffic on strategic routes away from pedestrians.
  • Keep traffic on a purpose built dual carriageway designed for large volumes of high speed traffic.
  • Reduce congestion.
  • Reduce accidents.
  • Deliver more economic benefits than opening the bridge.
  • Ensure the new train station isn’t adjacent to a main road.

1 thought on “The Alternatives to The Bridge

  1. Steve Yates

    The alternative to the bridge makes more sense than wrecking existing communities where the roads are totally unsuitable for the proposed increase in traffic flow; whilst I am not directly affected by the bridge proposal having studied it in some detail I feel this would only worsen an already dire situation along Heath End Road, pushing vast amounts of traffic through a residential area makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and in my opinion would only serve to increase gridlock not solve it.



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