WCC Precedents

Warwickshire County Council have made good precedents elsewhere in the county of implementing sustainable transport projects and highway relief roads that should be followed in Nuneaton. The BBAG believe these precedents offer a far better alternative that could be used in West Nuneaton that will minimise the impact on local communities rather than the current proposal that is unsustainable as it fails the 3 pillars test of environmental, social and economic impacts (compared to the benefits of the A444 Corridor Upgrade Business Case).

Precedents – Coleshill Parkway

Precedent – Rugby Relief Road

Please also look at the how the Bermuda Connection compares to the A444 corridor inputs and ask yourself which scheme you would implement if you had the money? Well Warwickshire County Council’s money is your money so please let them know during the public consultation process that the funding should be used to implement the precedents above or be switched to the A444 Corridor Improvements rather than used for the current scope of works.


In other areas of the County Warwickshire County Council have been delivering real infrastructure improvements through major new bypasses taking all commuter traffic away from residential areas. Despite the infrastructure success of the this project the delivery of this project was heavily criticised. The scheme got called in for scrutiny and the findings of the Scrutiny report has a number of parallels to the development of the Bermuda Connection scheme:


“The Committee concludes that the delays and overspend experience on the RWRR cannot be attributed to a single cause. Rather multiple interrelated factors were responsible. These factors can be summarised as:

Shift in the relationship between the Council and its contractor

Lack of commercial skills within the Council and lack of experience of  managing Target Cost Contracts for Major Construction Projects

Desire to progress the construction as soon as possible

Incomplete design and design errors

Inadequate risk management and contingency

Inadequate project governance

Problems associated with Network Rail and Public Utilities

The identification of multiple factors is symptomatic of systemic failure and illustrates weaknesses in the Council’s approach to the management and governance of major projects.”

Scrutiny of the Rugby Western Relief Road, Warwickshire County Council April 2011




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