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Nuneaton News 13th November 2015 – Controversial Bermuda bridge plan given the go-ahead

Nuneaton News 10th November 2015 Majority say ‘no’ to Bermuda bridge plan

Nuneaton News 22nd October 2015 – Bermuda bridge decision is just weeks away

Nuneaton News 11th September 2015 – Marcus Jones Column

“On my way home from working in Westminster last week I popped into one of the consultation events over the proposal to open the Bermuda Bridge. There is great concern over this project and I can fully understand why. I am convinced that not all of the factors that ought to be considered by Warwickshire County Council are being taken into account.

Setting aside the imposition that opening the bridge would put on Bermuda residents, there are a number of other issues which are not being properly considered. Before the county council goes any further we need to see the full details of the Borough Plan proposals. In any calculation of the number of vehicles likely to use the bridge we must also determine whether the opening of the bridge would, in fact, speed up journeys from other parts of West Nuneaton, as is being claimed.

I am also disappointed with the borough council, the project being proposed by the county council is a direct result of the borough council requesting it to be made the priority infrastructure project. With parts of Nuneaton gridlocked with traffic at times and with significant building of new houses underway, there needs to be a solution that looks at the whole town and what the needs are for now and the future.

If we don’t we will just be displacing problems from one part of an area to another.Through the consultation process I fully intend to make clear my own views over the bridge project. In my view it will not be the utopian solution that is being presented”

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Nuneaton News 27th August 2015 – Council defends move not to reveal all bridge plan data

Nuneaton News 19th August 2015 – Plea to all to have a say on Bermuda bridge plans

Nuneaton News 17th August – Consultation finally begins

Nuneaton News 9th July2015 – Yet another delay hits the Bermuda bridge consultation

Nuneaton News 5th July2015 – Townsfolk can now have their say on proposed Bermuda bridge plans

Nuneaton News 26th June 2015 –  No change to controversial bridge scheme

Nuneaton News 24th June 2015 – Dennis Harvey Column: Depot move to Bermuda Industrial Estate is a win-win for the council

“At long last, however, a site at Bermuda Industrial Estate has become available, and we have made an offer to buy the land and buildings situated there. It is, as far as the council is concerned, the perfect location, being situated between Nuneaton and Bedworth, away from any residential properties and having easy access on to the by-pass and main roads. This will mean our vehicles will be able to fan out in different directions, , so avoiding the present situation where lorries and vans all have to pass down the same residential streets to set off on their journeys to all points across the borough.”

Dennis Harvey, Leader of NBBC, June 2015

Nuneaton News 17th June 2015 – Troubled waters for Bermuda bridge plan

Nuneaton News 22nd May 2015 – MP’s Column: Local issues at the fore with new responsibilities as minister

“On returning from Parliament, I met with a group of residents about the Bermuda Bridge project to discuss their campaign against the proposal. I remain resolute in my support for the residents of Bermuda and other parts of Arbury and Stockingford who have great concern over this project. We need to improve the traffic situation in the Arbury area badly, but I am not convinced the bridge is the answer.”

Marcus Jones MP, May 2015

Nuneaton News 21st May 2015 – Controversial Bermuda bridge consultation date set

Deeley Properties May 2015 – Bermuda shortlisted for another prize

“Of course, we would love to win but this project was never about awards – it was about preserving an existing community and building out from that to create a thriving place for people to live, work and play.

“We have achieved that aim and the future for Bermuda looks very bright.”

Peter Deeley, Deeley Properties, May 2015

Nuneaton News 13th February 2015 – Road would bring better traffic relief say Bermuda bridge campaigners

Nuneaton News 3rd February – Bermuda Bridge to cater for ‘mega’ estate

Deeley Properties February 2015 – Deeley project shortlisted for two prestigious awards

 “We wanted a community that was alive. There was a heart there and we wanted to maintain that and build around it. It was not in line with the thinking at the time, many thought we were bonkers, but there was a kernel there, that with the right nurturing could grow into something special. It was sustainability before the term was widely used.”

Peter Deeley, Deeley Properties, February 2015

Nuneaton News 29th January 2015 – £3m improvements for Nuneaton roundabout

Nuneaton News 28th January 2015 – Whole borough should have say on Bermuda bridge plan

Nuneaton News 23rd January 2015 – Date set for Bermuda Bridge consultation

Nuneaton News 28th November 2015 – Controversial Bermuda bridge scheme will be debated at Town Hall

Nuneaton News 29th October 2014 – Anger as funding is agreed for Bermuda Bridge project

Nuneaton News 24th October 2014 – Bermuda plans are a bridge too far say residents

Nuneaton News 15th October 2014 – Consult Bermuda residents says MP

Nuneaton News 13th October 2014 – Residents call meeting to talk about Bermuda Bridge plans

Nuneaton News 10th October 2014 – Final decision on Bermuda bridge at the end of the month

Nuneaton News 3rd October 2014 – Once-in-a-lifetime chance to open up Bermuda bridge





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