Public Consultation – Have Your Say

Warwickshire County Council have said if you would like to object to the bridge being opened you will need to complete one of their bar coded consultation forms which can be collected or completed at one of the 10 consultation venues (dates yet to be confirmed), or visit the online consultation when it becomes available.

Although letters sent will be reported to the council THEY WILL NOT BE COUNTED AS OBJECTIONS.

Please don’t let that put you off sending a letter or e-mail to any of the people below & if you do send an email please feel free to copy us in on our e-mail address

Warwickshire County Council has prepared and delivered leaflets to 23000 homes throughout Nuneaton but unfortunately the information produced using tax payers moneys does not provide a balanced view of the impacts of the scheme and makes claim to some benefits that are inaccurate and not attributable to the scheme. As a result the BBAG has felt the need to provide a response providing the social and environmental impacts of the scheme from a Resident’s perspective:


Please see the link below for venue’s of the consultation:

Please note that the initial Public Consultation was called in for Scrutiny and the reasons for the call in are clear from the Google Maps link above. Although the concerns of the local community were ignored at the Scrutiny Committee, it cannot be denied that Warwickshire County Council are not bringing consultation events to those most impacted by the proposals. To aid the Council Officers at Shire Hall in Warwick we have produced some road signs that can be erected in each of the consultation venues free of charge so can work out far it is to drive to the bridge!

Whittleford Stockingford Nuneaton Town Centre Hill Top Hartshill Galley Common EPIC Centre Camp Hill Ansley Common

Useful Contacts for Objections:

Portfolio holder for Highways Warwickshire
Councillor Peter Butlin
Tel: 01788 816488
Fax: 01788 812952

Transport Planner/Project Manager
Nigel Whyte
Tel: 01926 735674

Cllr Bill Olner
Telephone No. 02476 349202

Cllr June Tandy, Leader of the Labour Group.
Telephone No.: 02476 32947247
Mobile No.: 07936 235441

Cllr Caroline Phillips
Tel: 024 7674 8159

Cllr Don Navaro,
Tel: 024 7635 2009

Cllr Neil Phillips
Tel: 024 7674 8159

Councillor Corinne Davies
Telephone No.: 02476 743099

Cllr John Appleton
Telephone No.: 01327 261044

Cllr Alan Cockburn
Telephone No.: 01926 485120

Cllr Bob Hicks
Telephone No.: 02476 340485




1 thought on “Public Consultation – Have Your Say

  1. Aman ahmad

    No to opening of Bermuda Bridge

    “We don’t want the bridge to be open to traffic, we are not anti-development, we want Nuneaton to grow and prosper but not at the cost of people who live here



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