Reasons To Object

Reasons to Object

Objecting to a scheme like this is not as easy as you may think.
You can’t object to a scheme like this based on emotive arguments (eg it will upset a lot of people if the scheme goes ahead). You have to use valid ‘Technical’ arguments (eg increased in negative environmental factors such as noise & vibration or pollution will effect a lot of people) or use something called a Material Consideration

Material considerations are:

• Highway Safety
• The proposal is contrary to national, regional or local planning policy, government circulars, orders or statutory instruments.
• Traffic
• Noise
• Effect on Nature, Conservation, Ecology & Biodiversity
• Contravention of Government or Local Policy
• Impact on Disabled Persons Access
• Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions). There is a history of rejecting similar plans in the area
• The proposal will have an economic impact, such as impacting on tourism or on small businesses.
You can then add more weight to the material consideration by giving an example eg:

The proposal will have a negative economic impact, such as impacting on or extinguishing small businesses as there is set to be a weight limit put on Tenlons Road which will stop deliveries & collections by HGV’s to & from the small businesses on that road.

We have uploaded a list (and there are many) of valid reasons to object to this proposal
Click Here to download the file Reasons to object to Bermuda Connection

This is the list we have compiled so far. As this list isn’t complete we will add to it as we find more issues.
In order that we have a really wide variety of objections submitted please don’t just pick from the top of the list down. Pick a few from several parts of the list.

As a result of complaints by us about the lack of space on the consultation form leading to the inability to include anything meaningful Warwickshire County Council have confirmed they will now accept additional pages attached to the paper consultation forms.