What is the impact on my Street?

The Bermuda Connection will have a large adverse affect on many streets within West Nuneaton and particularly the Arbury area as traffic diverts from existing route seeking to get to the new link road to the A444 and M6. This will create significant road safety, environmental and social issues for a number of streets that will either form part of the new ‘western relief road’ or will be come parallel ‘rat runs’ where traffic speed down to avoid significant traffic queues created by the proposals.

The Bermuda Bridge Action Group have reviewed the evidence prepared to date by Warwickshire County Council and have found many technical flaws in the project and damning statements within the feasibility studies and business case that support the project. As a result of this work BBAG have produced ‘Street Guides’ detailing the likely impact of the scheme on the new ‘rat runs’ that will be created as a result of the scheme. These briefing notes contain the personal views of a professionally qualified design consultant with experience of highway link design, traffic modelling and road accident remedial schemes on the likely impacts of the scheme.

The following streets are expected to suffer negative effects as a result of the scheme:

Atholl Crescent – BBAG Impact Guide

Arbury Road – Being Prepared

Bermuda Road – BBAG Impact Guide

Bermuda Village – BBAG Impact Guide

Black-A-Tree Road – Being Prepared

Brodick Way

The Bridleway – BBAG Impact Guide

Bucks Hill (refer to Whittleford Road guide)

Charnwood Avenue – BBAG Impact Guide

Church Road – BBAG Impact Guide

Cornish Crescent – BBAG Impact Guide

Croft Road – BBAG Impact Guide

Cumberland Drive

Fair Isle Drive (refer to The Raywoods guide)

Forrest Way (see Rossendale Way or Kielder Drive guide)

Gypsy Lane – BBAG Impact Guide

Haunchwood Road – BBAG Impact Guide

Hazell Way (see Bermuda Road guide)

Heath End Road – BBAG Impact Guide

Hilary Road  (see Black-A-Tree Road guide)

Kielder Drive – BBAG Impact Guide

Knights Road – BBAG Impact Guide

Northumberland Avenue – BBAG Impact Guide

Oldany Way

Orkney Close – BBAG Impact Guide

Radley Drive – BBAG Impact Guide

Radnor Drive – BBAG Impact Guide

The Raywoods – BBAG Impact Guide

Rider Close (refer to the Bermuda Road guide)

Penns Croft – BBAG Impact Guide

Rossendale Way – BBAG Impact Guide

Sargasso Lane (refer to the Bermuda Road guide)

Shillingstone Drive – BBAG Impact Guide

St Georges Way  Being prepared

Templar Drive – BBAG Impact Guide

Tompkinson Road – BBAG Impact Guide

Westbury Road – BBAG Impact Guide

Westmorland Avenue – Being prepared

Whittleford Road – BBAG Impact Guide

NOTE: There are many roads in the wider area close to these roads that will be impacted upon by increased levels or pollution and noise from the new routes too but these are too numerous to list.



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