What are the wider scheme impacts?

The briefing notes below have been produced for Stakeholder engagement. They summarise the significant impacts of the Bermuda Connection on the whole of Nuneaton:

Briefing Note – Bermuda Connectivity Project Overview

Briefing Note – Road Safety

Briefing Note – Cycling

Briefing Note – Environment

Briefing Note – Emergency Services

Briefing Note – Road Safety Audit

The streets affected by the scheme proposals can also be found on our website. Briefing notes are also being prepared for some of the major new ‘rat runs’ created as a result of opening Bermuda Bridge to traffic so that consultees know the true impact of the scheme on their area.

Rat Runs

Traffic modelling has recently been obtained from Warwickshire County Council. The modelling results have been mapped by the Bermuda Bridge Action Group to demonstrate the impact of the project on West Nuneaton. The following key headlines can be summarised by the traffic modelling provided by WCC:

  • There will be a significant predicted increase in traffic along Heath End Road by WCC during peak periods (over 600 more vehicles during the peak in addition to current traffic congestion).
  • Two new additional sets of traffic signals at The Raywoods and Bermuda Road will cause further delays to traffic travelling along the B4112 Heath End Road.
  • Major traffic queues have been predicted by the WCC modelling at the new traffic signals and mini roundabout created by the Bermuda Connection (these queues are significantly longer than existing queues)

Bermuda Connection Existing and Future Traffic Queues Drawings (based on WCC Traffic Modelling)).

  • The queues are of such a length at The Raywoods and Bermuda Road that the junctions are likely to become gridlocked at peak periods. leading to rat running down parallel streets to try and avoid the delays (e.g. Orkney Crescent and Cornish Crescent).
  • Arbury Road, Croft Road, Heath End Road, The Raywoods and Northumberland Avenue will suffer from additional commuter traffic and pollution from traffic redirecting to access the A444 and M6 via Bermuda Road creating rat runs across the Arbury Ward
  • Some roads will see a percentage increase in traffic into the hundreds % with one street suffering a 1300% increase!
  • Tenlons Road, the Shillingstone Estate, Bermuda Road, The Bridleway and St Georges Way will suffer a very significant increase in traffic and pollution.
  • Bermuda Road will suffer from over an extra 1000 vehicles  at peak periods!

Bermuda Connection Changes in Traffic Flows AM Peak (taken from WCC Traffic Modelling)

Bermuda Connection Changes in Traffic Flows PM Peak (taken from WCC Traffic Modelling)

  • All this redistribution of traffic and resulting significant impacts on the environment and road safety leads to an reduction in the average queues on the A444 of approximately 2 cars in the AM peak period!

Is it really worth spending £6M on the above when the same funds could be spend on delivering the full A444 corridor improvements!







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